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Picture of Donald Trump while working in the hospital

US President Donald Trump is currently attending Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment of Corona. However, there is also a presidential suite in the hospital from where Trump is doing his work. White House has also shared two photos in which Donald Trump is seen working. With this, an attempt has been made to put an end to their health speculation. Trump himself also shared the video claiming that he is better now.

On White House photos, deputies press secretary Judd Deer commented that the trumps never stop working. Trump is working from a hospital office. It is equipped with all security and connectivity tools. It was earlier reported that Trump had a lack of oxygen and was unable to breathe. However, then he himself shared his video and informed that he is feeling better than before.

White House shared photos

White House shared photos

‘God’s miracles are medicines’
Earlier, Trump had said that Corona has been done to millions of people and that they are fighting for all of them, not just America. Trump said, ‘The medicines I am taking and some to come are nothing short of a miracle. If I say this then people criticize me but these are like miracles that God has sent. I feel right now but what will happen in the coming days is to be seen. ‘ Trump said that Melania’s health is also better.

48 hours were important
At the same time, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Saturday that Corona virus-infected US President Donald Trump had gone through a ‘very worrying’ phase on Friday and the next 48 hours would be very important for his health. The remarks were made after the revelation that Trump was given oxygen at the White House before being taken to the hospital on Friday. Staff at the White House, however, said that the Trump had seen only minor symptoms.


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