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Who will be the President of America if Donald Trump does not work

US President Donald Trump is undergoing treatment for corona virus at the Military Hospital. Presidential elections are due in the country next month. In such a situation, discussion has also started on how the health of the trumps can affect the election campaign, voting and the President’s obligations in the coming days. There are many provisions in the US constitution in the event of the president’s absence or inability to work. However, experts say that despite the rules, there are some things that can be disputed. Let’s have a look at the plan that was made to be implemented in the event of not being able to hold the office of the President.

Who is in the queue?

The 25th amendment to the US Constitution mentions how the vice president becomes the head of power when the president is incapable of performing his duties. Vice President Mike Pence also has a corona test and has turned negative. Earlier, this has happened 8 times in the history of the country when the Vice President has assumed office on the death of the President. If for some reason even the Vice-President cannot take office, then the Congress (Parliament) has been given the right to decide further. In line after the Vice President, the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, Pro-Tempore, is the Cabinet Member after the Secretary of State. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reported on Friday that she too has been found negative for the corona virus. At the same time, Senior Charles E-Grassley, R-Iowa is currently President Pro-Tempor. (Pic: Nancy Pelosi)

Trump is still in the pence line

Under the same amendment, there is also a provision that in case of severe illness, the President can tell the Speaker and the President in writing that he cannot work and give his powers to the Vice-President. The Vice-President may hold the office of Executive President until the President returns. However, Trump has not done anything like this yet and White House spokesperson Judd Deer has said that Trump is the only one in charge. At the same time, former President Ronald Reagan has served the then Vice President George Bush and Bush Cheney during his tenure during his treatment. (Pic: Mike Pence)

If the president is very ill …

If the President becomes so ill that he cannot delegate his authority to the Vice-President himself or refuses to do so, there is a provision in this amendment for such a situation. Under this, the appointed group of Vice President, Cabinet or Congress has the powers. If any of these, with a majority, inform the House or Senate that the President is not in a position to transfer his power and work, the Vice President may be assigned. It has not been done yet. The Congress will take the final decision to bring back the President.

… then there may be a dispute

Controversy may arise even after several provisions are given. Many experts believe that the speaker and president pro-tempor does not have the ability to take over as president. He says that this can only be done by the executive branch of the officers. Harvard Law School Professor Jack Goldsmith gives the example that the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo or Pelosi can claim the presidency. However, the opportunity to test what will happen in such a situation has not come yet.

What will happen to the election?

According to New York University law professor Richard Piles, Trump’s corona-positive status has now passed over the Republican National Committee. In such a situation, the national political parties have full responsibility. Meaning the Republican and Democratic National Committee will now decide on it. The Republican National Committee may call an emergency meeting in Trump’s case. Members of each state or region will vote on the new candidate. After this, it will be decided that the same candidate will contest the election that someone new will be fielded. If a new person will contest the elections, the parties will now have to name a new candidate in place of their old candidate on each state’s ballot.


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