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america News: REGN-COV2: New drug of corona virus being given to Donald Trump, showing magical effect - donald trump coronavirus treatment experimental antibodies regn-cov2 of regeneron polyclonal antibody cocktail

Corona virus-infected US President Donald Trump is currently undergoing treatment at an Army hospital. Seeing Trump’s age, doctors at the military hospital are giving him a new corona virus antibody. It is being told that this drug is not available to the common people in the market right now. This drug is made from mice to treat corona virus. It is being told that the drug has a magical effect on the trump.

Polyclonal antibody dose given to Trump
According to the Daily Mail report, this experimental drug of corona virus is named REGN-COV2 (polyclonal antibody). It is made by the American pharmaceutical manufacturer Regeneron. This drug is formulated by combining several drugs of the corona virus endobodies. At the same time, this drug is also being used in the UK for recovery trials. A professor at Oxford University has described this medicine as very positive and very powerful.

Trump’s doctor confirmed to be given medication
President Trump’s physician Dr Sean Conley said at the White House yesterday that he had been given an 8 gram dose of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail for treatment. A White House official said on Friday that Trump had mild symptoms of infection. They will get rid of this disease soon.

Doctors using these medicines
In addition to Corona’s experimental drug REGN-COV2, President Donald Trump is also being given remediesvir, zinc, vitamin D, famotidine, melatonin and aspirin. This is expected to improve his health rapidly. Many experts have also claimed that this vaccine containing a mixture of several drugs will prove to be effective.

Company claims- drug is effective against Corona
On the other hand, the manufacturer of this drug, Regeneron, has claimed that the level of infection due to this drug has dropped during the clinical trial. He said that the data found during the trial also confirm that our medicine is very effective against the corona virus.

What will happen if Trump suddenly leaves the presidential candidature?

Due to this heavy corona on the trump
Experts say that getting older, being male and other diseases earlier increases the risk and these things are there in the trump. Dr. David Bannach of the University of Connecticut said that Trump’s age at 74 is the primary risk factor. Apart from this, their weight is also high.

How deadly is a corona infection for a 74-year-old trump? Will he be removed from the presidential race

Many questions arising after Trump got infected

Prior to the election, President Trump is seen trailing his rival Joe Biden in all the surveys conducted so far. In such a situation, a question is arising in America that what will happen if Trump withdraws his candidature after recovering from Corona? Chances are also being raised that his Republican Party should not ask him to return the election ticket. In such a situation, will the new candidate contest the election instead of Trump?


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