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Asian countries News: Canada, ready to hand two to China, sent its warship to Taiwan - Royal canadian navy warship sails near taiwan amid heightened china tensions

A Canadian warship has arrived in South China these days amid increasing tension with China. The flare of China is believed to be determined by this Canadian warship in the Gulf of Taiwan. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed this, saying that a Canadian warship has recently used the Gulf of Taiwan to move north from South China Sea. During this time the Taiwanese Navy has also provided him with air security.

China will be furious with the presence of Canadian warship
Explain that Taiwan’s relations with China are also very bad regarding the occupation of the Gulf of Taiwan. Ships from both countries often scramble across each other in this area. Meanwhile, the arrival of a Canadian warship in the Gulf of Taiwan, several thousand kilometers away from our country, is a direct message to China. In recent times, the relationship between Canada and China is also going through a very bad phase.

Canadian warship has passed through the Gulf of Taiwan before
The Canadian warship also passed through the Gulf of Taiwan in September last year. Which China reacted sharply to. Apart from this, the presence of American warships in this area is also becoming a threat to China. Just a few days ago, the Eastern Command of China drilled live fire in the Gulf of Taiwan and told about its plans.

Tension in Canada and China over Hong Kong
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau terminated his extradition treaty with Hong Kong a few days earlier. In addition, Canada also banned the export of military equipment to Hong Kong. Canada has taken this step after China’s disputed national security law was implemented over Hong Kong.

China threatened Canada to suffer the consequences
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said after these Canadian decisions that China strongly condemns this and has the right to respond further in the matter. Canada will be responsible for whatever the consequences. He said that trying to put any kind of pressure on China will never succeed.

Protest in both countries regarding Huawei
In 2018, when Canada arrested Meng Wangzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese company Huawei. Since then diplomatic relations between the two countries had deteriorated. Canada later extradited Meng to the US. Which China reacted sharply to. Meng is the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei and is also the vice chairman of the company’s board of directors. He was detained in December 2018 in Vancouver on a US bank fraud charge. He is also accused of misleading investment bank HSBC Holdings over his company’s deal with the Iranian government.


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