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Asian countries News: How was China's reaction to Donald Trump's corona being infected?  Learn what said Jinping - China reaction on donald trump coronavirus test positive, know whats xi jinping says about us president

Republican Trump candidate Donald Trump has been infected with the Corona virus about a month before the presidential election in the US. Leaders and heads of nations around the world have wished for Trump to recover as soon as possible. Even Chinese arch enemy Taiwanese President Tsai In Weng has tweeted about President Trump’s health. China has been a staunch critic of the growing proximity between Taiwan and the United States since the beginning.

Trump has been attacked by China over Corona
At the same time, Donald Trump has addressed the Corona virus several times as Chinese virus. Trump had recently blamed China for spreading the Corona infection from the United Nations stage. He is often seen in public forums targeting China over the Corona infection. In such a situation, China’s reaction was focused on China’s reaction when the corona was infected. On Saturday, China has also released its statement on Trump being infected.

Jinping expressed grief, pray for recovery
According to Xinhua, Chinese President Xi Jinping wished for the early recovery of his American counterpart Donald Trump and his wife Melania, infected with the corona virus, on Saturday. Jinping said in his message that Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan expressed sympathy for Trump and Melania being infected with the corona virus. He also wished Trump a quick recovery.

Chinese diplomats wish to recover from Trump
Earlier, Chinese diplomats also wished Trump and the First Lady of America to recover quickly. Chinese Ambassador C Tiancai, appointed ambassador to the US, said in a tweet that I wish President Trump and America’s First Lady to be speedy and fully recovered. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that President (Trump) and America’s first lady Melania were saddened to learn about the infection. I wish them both a speedy recovery.

Tension peaks in US and China
Many times, senior officials of the Chinese army and its official media have also threatened war with the growing proximity to America. In recent times Chinese fighter jets have infiltrated Taiwanese airspace at least 40 times. The Eastern Command of the Chinese Army is also continuously under siege of Taiwan. Meanwhile, Taiwan has also entered into a deal to purchase several deadly missiles and warships from the US.


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