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Asian countries News: China shows strength amidst tension from India, exercises with drones fired grenade in Tibet - China releases footage of its latest zhanfu h16 v12 military drone can strike targets with grenades amid tension with india

China has been demonstrating power in Tibet for a few days in a row amidst tensions in Ladakh. Following the live fire drill of the attack helicopter, China has now conducted maneuvers with its grenade-fired drone. China has presented the drone in public for the first time during an exercise with its Special Forces. It is said that this drone is capable of lifting up to 25 kg. In addition, it can also fire guided explosives.

Can deliver accessories with firing shells
According to China’s official website CCTV, this drone is named Zhanfu H16-V12 (Zhanfu H16-V12). The rotary wing, a winged drone, can attack and deliver the necessary equipment to the troops deployed on espionage and forward bases. This drone is being used by the Special Brigade of the People’s Liberation Army (ELP) Ground Force.

Can operate in high altitude areas of Tibet
The Jhanfu H16-V12 drone is made by a Chinese company named Harwar. According to the company’s website, this drone can easily operate air up to 17.1 meters per second and at temperatures between -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. It has also been claimed that this drone can reach a height of 5,834 meters above sea level. With this, it is being speculated that this drone can be used by China’s force against India.

Zhanfu Drone 01

Know how dangerous it is
Talking about weapons, this drone is equipped with two 38 mm stan grenades. Which can aim accurately up to 200 meters. Its body is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. Which is capable of flying at speeds up to 18 meters per second. Once charged, the battery of this drone can work for 60 minutes. It can be flown by a drone operator up to a range of 14.4 km.

China provoked India for war, live fire drill by helicopter in Aksai Chin

Attack has done live fire drill by helicopter
Earlier in the last week of September, the Chinese Army also conducted live fire drills with its Advanced J-10A attack helicopter at Aksai Chin. China’s J-10A attack helicopter has been developed by the China Aircraft Industrial Group and the China Helicopter Research and Development Institute. While this helicopter has been manufactured by Change Aircraft Industries Corporation. The J-10 helicopter has been developed primarily to penetrate enemy territory and attack. Which is equipped with anti-tank and air to air missiles. The helicopter was first demonstrated by China in 2003.

J-10A is equipped with these weapons
In this helicopter, the gunner sits on the front seat while the pilot sits on the back seat. Bullet proof orders have also been used in the helicopter to rescue the pilot and gunner. In which the sitting gunner can fire at enemies with a 20 mm or 30 mm auto cannon gun. It also carries eight number of EdgeJ-10 anti-tank guided missiles and eight TY-19 air to air missiles. In addition, four PL-5, PL-7 and PL-9 air to air missiles are also deployed.

China releases live fire drill from J-10 attack chopper in Aksai Chin, video released


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