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Galaxy trapped near black hole

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) Very Large Telescope (VLT) has seen 6 galaxies trapped in a trap near a massive black hole. It is just one billion light years away from the earth. It is being told that black holes are as dense as one billion stars like the Earth’s sun. All these galaxies are trapped in a gas trap which is 300 times more than the Milky Way.

Galaxy may be more now
Marco Mignoli, author of a study published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, said that these celestial threads are like spider webs. This is the first time that such a large number of galaxies are close to each other. There may be more galaxies like this now. Co-author Barbara Balmward has stated that these galaxies are the brightest around this supermassive black hole (SBH).

How are billions of times larger than the sun? Scientists get clues from ‘Ghost’ Galaxy

A billion years ago
Roberto Gilli, another author of the study, has said that this SBH is about one billion light years away. So it is such that it is being looked back about one billion years. There is enough gas for the black hole to grow inside the web and the galaxy. The study says that huge structures of dark matter are important for the formation of these web sites.

How are such huge black holes formed?
These theories are believed to have originated with the Big-Bang under a theory called the Direct Collapse (Direct Collaps). According to this, a minimum size of huge SMBH was born, whose mass was millions of times more than our sun. According to the second theory, SMBH was born long after the big bang from a blackhole made by the death of a huge star. In this case, initially SMBH would be a few thousand times more in mass than the sun and later it became more massive due to the inclusion of nearby stars and gas.


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