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France government will bring laws for Islamic separatism

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday fought to fight Islamic separatism. Macron described it as a danger of its spread to Muslim communities in France. Macron says a bill will be sent to Parliament early next year with a provision to deal with Islamic separatism.

Example of non-violent fundamentalism
France has faced Islamic extremism for many years, but the Macron government is concerned about growing fundamentalism in Muslim communities. French officials say it is usually non-violent. He cited examples of Muslim men refusing to join hands with women, swimming pools open at different times for women and men, face-cover to four-year-old girls and expansion of madrasas.

‘Trouble with ideology above country’
Under the new law, there will be strict restrictions on home-schooling so that children are not admitted to schools that are separate from the national curriculum. Macron said that we need to fight Islamic separatism. He said that the problem is the ideology which claims that its laws are above the country. Macron said that the teaching of Arabic language in France will be encouraged and the Institute of Islamology will also be created. However, foreign Maulana will not be able to train in France.

More than 250 people died
According to Reuters, more than 250 people have been killed in attacks by people affected by Islamic extremism or jihadi groups in the last five years in the country. At the same time, presidential elections are going to be held in France within two years. In such a situation, Macron does not want to give the Opposition a chance to attack itself. The right and Conservative parties have taken a strong stand on crime and immigration and they want strict laws in the country regarding secularism.


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