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Donald Trump Kovid arrives at Military Hospital for treatment


  • US President Donald Trump Corona positive
  • Trump was taken to Military Hospital for treatment
  • Tweeted information myself, health is fine so far
  • First Lady Melania also left Corona positive

US President Donald Trump has been taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after being found corona virus positive. They will be treated there. Along with this, there has been increased concern about his health. A day earlier he was found to be Corona positive and tweeted that he and First Lady Melania had quarantined together.

President Trump himself tweeted the video in which he wrote that he is in good health. He was going by helicopter from the White House. He wrote that it will be ensured that all things are well. Wearing a trump mask, he went to the helicopter on his own. He greeted the journalists but did not talk. Press Secretary Kelly McAnney has stated that the President will work from the Presidential Office at Walter Reed, taking precautions and on the advice of Physician-Medical Experts.

Advisor turned positive
Let me tell you that the test of Trump’s wife Melania Trump has also come positive. Both are now quarantined. The President’s advisor Hope Hicks accompanied her from Air Force One to the first presidential debates in Cleveland and was later found to be Corona positive. Trump had reported that Hicks was positive and told that he and First Lady Melania had undergone a corona test. Trump was quarantined only after Hicks was found positive and his test results were awaited.

Korana to US President Trump, see how mocking of the mask was done in the video


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