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Russian journalist killed by setting fire

Opposition to President Vladimir Putin’s government in Russia is becoming aggressive. Here, News Editor Irina Slavina killed herself by setting herself on fire in front of an office of the Ministry. Earlier, Irina wrote on Facebook, “Let the Russian Federation be responsible for my death.” He said on Thursday that police had searched his flat for belongings belonging to pro-democracy group Open Russia and his computer and data were seized.

Fire in front of ministry
A video of the incident has also surfaced showing that a person tries to save them but she pushes him. After this, she herself falls. Irina is survived by her husband and daughter. Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed his death but denied the connection with the search of the flat.

‘Irina was a witness, not an accused’
Irina was editor-in-chief of Koza Press News website. Irina was one of the seven people whose houses were searched in Nizhni Novgorod area. His website has been shut down after his death. He had posted on Facebook that 12 people had forcibly entered his flat and went away with flash drives, his laptop, his daughter’s laptop and phone. At the same time, the Investigative Committee says that Irina was only a ‘witness’ in his case, not a suspect or an accused.

Irina was fined
The case was related to a local businessman. The man was accused of using his fake church for election monitor training and other forums. According to the information, Open Russia participated in the ‘Free People’ forum in April last year, in which Irina joined as a journalist. For this he was also fined 5 thousand rubles.
(Source: BBC)


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