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america news: US Election 2020: Trump's rival Joe Biden's corona report negative, appeals to people to wear masks - us election 2020 latest news joe biden and his wife test negative for coronavirus

The Corona virus report of Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in the US presidential election has been negative. Joe Biden and his wife underwent a Kovid-19 investigation the day after news of US President Donald Trump being infected. In a statement issued by Biden’s campaign team, Dr. Kevin O’Connor informed Biden’s Kovid-19 investigation report to be negative.

Biden can create distance from publicity
Biden was on the debate stage with Trump for more than 90 minutes earlier this week. It is still unclear whether Biden will attend promotional events later in the day. Let us know that two presidential debates are yet to be held in the US presidential election. The second debate will be held in Miami (Florida) on October 15, while the third will be held in Nashville (Tennessee) on October 20.

Appealed to everyone to wear masks
Biden thanked her supporters through a social media post for the worrying messages. He said that I hope it will remind me in future that we have to wear masks, maintain social distance and wash our hands.

Many questions arising after Trump got infected
Prior to the election, President Trump is seen trailing his rival Joe Biden in all the surveys conducted so far. In such a situation, a question is arising in America that what will happen if Trump withdraws his candidature after recovering from Corona? Chances are also being raised that his Republican Party should not ask him to return the election ticket. In such a situation, will the new candidate contest the election instead of Trump?

What will happen if Trump suddenly leaves the presidential candidature?

It is mentioned in the 25th amendment of the US Constitution
The 25th amendment to the US Constitution mentions how the vice president becomes the head of power when the president is incapable of performing his duties. It also describes what can be done in the event of the presidential candidate getting sick or withdrawing his papers.


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