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Asian countries News: China sends submarine hunter Y-8 aircraft, Taiwan fighter jet flown

China is planning to take military action due to the increasing proximity of the US to Taiwan. On Thursday, China again sent its Submarine Hunter Y-8 aircraft to the Taiwanese airfield. After which the Taiwanese fighter jet, which was patrolling on alert, gave the warning and drove the aircraft. Recently, the Defense Minister of Taiwan announced that the last soldier of his country will also fight to the last for the unity and integrity of the country.

Taiwanese fighter jet chased Chinese aircraft
The Taiwanese Air Force reported that the incident occurred in the southwestern airspace of the country. When the Chinese plane came close to the disputed island of Dangsa, the Taiwanese fighter jet fired and warned the aircraft. It is being told that nine such incidents have taken place in the last two weeks when Chinese fighter jets have entered Taiwanese airspace.

Chinese jets had also entered the US minister’s tour of Taiwan
US Deputy Foreign Minister Keith Krach had 19 Chinese aircraft infiltrated even while he was visiting Taiwan. This Chinese intruder fleet consisted of 12 J-16 fighter jets, 2 J-10 fighter jets, 2 J-11 fighter jets, 2 H-6 nuclear bombers and one Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft. Warnig was released as soon as the Taiwanese radar detected this intrusion of the Chinese airforce.

If America-China war broke out, which country of South-East Asia would be supported?

China is maneuvering in the Gulf of Taiwan
China has been doing live fire exercises for the past several days amid increasing tension from Taiwan. A large number of Chinese soldiers, bomber ships, rocket launchers and modern warships are taking part in this maneuver. This exercise is conducted by the PLAC Eastern Theater Command. Relations between China and Taiwan are going through the worst phase in recent times.

Taiwan’s declaration against China, said – will fight for the country’s security till the last breath

Taiwan has the most missiles by area
According to the report of South China Morning Post, Taiwan has so many missiles which is the highest worldwide by area. However, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has not released the total number of these missiles till date. According to Taipei’s China Times newspaper, Taiwan has a total of more than 6000 missiles.

Chinese media threatening Taiwan war
China’s official media has been showing its weapons several times a day threatening Taiwan’s war. China’s state-run Global Times has threatened that China will wage war if the US military returns to Taiwan. Global Times editor Hu Shijin threatened the US and Taiwan, saying the China anti-segregation law is a tiger with teeth.


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