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Ballistic missile submarine: Kim Jong-un built dangerous 'attack' submarine, American naval base in danger?  - north korea latest ballistic missile submarine kim jong-un sinpo-class submarine threats us

Scientists in North Korea have developed a traditionally operated ballistic missile submarine under the direction of dictator Kim Jong Un. This submarine is known as Romeo Mod Class. In North Korea, it is also called the Sinpo class submarine. It was first shown on Korean television on 23 July 2019, at the behest of Kim Jong. The submarine is deployed with the Pukgukasong-3 missiles as a warning of danger to the surrounding US military.

How dangerous is this missile
The KN-26 Pukgukasong-3 missile is counted among North Korea’s most dangerous missiles. The missile was successfully tested on 2 October 2019, exactly one year before today. In which this missile destroyed its target located 450 kilometers away.

That’s why America is in danger
It is not considered to be special in terms of the distance of the missiles but, during this time, the missile achieved a height of 910 km. It is almost impossible to track and stop any missile if it falls on a torget from such a height. Experts also said that if this missile can go up to this extent then it can definitely have a range of 1900 kilometers.

Korean missile is equivalent to this missile of US
The KN-26 Pukguksong-3 missile is considered equivalent to the Polaris-3 missile of the US. Both these missiles are considered to be super attackers of their own country. Launching it with a conventional submarine is also a challenging task. But North Korean scientists have prepared this submarine to mirror the restrictions placed on it.

How many submarines near north korea
The North Korean navy currently employs only submarines of this class. It is not yet certain how many submarines of North Korea operate in this category. But according to experts, it definitely has at least 20 submarines of this class. These are originally built on Russian design. Some of which have been manufactured in China and some in North Korea.


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