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Pakistan News: ... then I would have sacked the army chief, the showy anger of Imran Khan, the pittu of Pak army - I would have sacked army chief if kargil war was conducted without informing me, says imran khan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown great outrage that he would have sacked the Pakistan Army Chief if there had been a Kargil war without informing him. Nawaz Sharif, who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the Kargil War, has said many times that he was not aware of what happened during the war in 1999. He had also claimed that the then Army Chief General Pervez Musharraf attacked Kargil without informing him.

… then I would have dismissed the army chief
Pakistan’s private news channel Sama TV said in an interview that if Kargil war had happened without telling me, I would have sacked the army chief immediately. If he had asked to resign later, I would have sacked the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief. Imran made the remarks after Nawaz Sharif’s alleged statement that in 2014, when Imran Khan had besieged Islamabad, the ISI chief had asked Sharif to step down.

Pak army has kept the country united
Imran Khan said that the Pakistani Army is keeping the country united and Nawaz Sharif is continuously attacking the country’s military establishment. Look at Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. The entire Muslim world is embroiled in conflict. Why are we safe? If we did not have such a good army, our country would have been divided into three parts by now.

Running the government is not the work of the army
PM Imran Khan also said that running the government was not the work of the army and the failure of a democratically elected government should not be used to impose martial law. If a judge gives a wrong decision, it means that the judiciary has to develop. The military has also developed. Presently civil-military relations are the best in history as they are all working in their fields.

Imran targeted Nawaz Sharif
Imran said that Nawaz Sharif is playing a dangerous game. Altaf Hussain also played a similar game. I am 100 percent confident that India is helping PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif. ‘ He said, “If our army is weak then in whose interest is it?” Imran said that there are some foolish liberals who agree with Nawaz Sharif’s statement.

Imran is a puppet of Pak army
Imran Khan is the rubber stamp of the Pakistani Army. In addition to many international affairs experts, this claim is calling the entire opposition, including Nawaz Sharif himself. He is believed to have gained power only because of the Pakistani Army. So they follow the signals of the army. The Pakistan Army General also occupies several high positions in the government of Pakistan. Imran Khan’s helplessness can be ascertained from the recent scam of Arabs in the CPEC project by former Pakistan Army Lieutenant General Asim Salim Bajwa, but Imran could not even accept his resignation.


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