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Birds use brains like humans

Till now it was believed that human beings only have the nature to believe and make assumptions according to their understanding on seeing something. However, in a recent study, German scientists have found that this behavior can be seen in birds like crows too. This nature arises due to cerebral cortex – the brain part of humans and other mammal organisms which does not occur in birds but this study has shocked scientists. This study has appeared in Science Journal.

A study was being carried out under the leadership of Andreas Nieder, Head Professor of the Department of Biological Psychology at the University of Tubinjan, to test Consciousness of birds in birds. In this, two crows (Corvus Corone) were trained to move their heads when they saw the project on a screen.

How did the experiment
When the projection was clear, the birds gave him a signal to see, but when he was foggy, they responded differently to their understanding. Nieder told Forbes that his eye was not the reason behind it, but how this information is being processed in the brain had its effect. Many times, even when nothing could be seen, the crows indicated to look.

While performing this experiment, scientists also recorded the activity of Nerve cells of birds. It was then discovered that when the birds responded to the projection, there was activity in the nerve cell. If he was not answering according to his thinking, he would have hinted to see him even after seeing a blurred projection.

Activity in this section
Scientists found that activity was observed in the NCL (nidopallium caudolaterale) portion of the pallium layer of the brain of birds. This part works to deliver the sensory information to other parts of the body. This part is found only in birds. Nieder states that NCL may function like the prefrontal cortex of the human brain.

Why are these results important
He says that these results show two possibilities – first, that birds and mammals that were common before 32 million years ago have developed Consciousness of perception. Second, Consciousness has evolved differently in different species. Whatever be the reason of the two, meeting nature like humans is a great achievement in itself.


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