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America is preparing hypersonic weapon

China’s deadly ‘carrier killer’ hypersonic ballistic missile – Dong Feng 21 Mach 5 can reach the speed and can even go ahead. Experts say that he does not need any weapon. If she targets a career at this speed, then she can go through it. However, now the US is producing even more dangerous weapons. America’s forces are engaged in further expanding the stock of hypersonic weapons. Symbolic Picture (Credit: Flight Global)

America’s interest has increased

A hypersonic missile is being fitted with technology that can fly the laser on the way. Its speed can also be more than Mach 20. During this time, this weapon can change its path so that it is not found. It will also have an air defense system. In The War Zone, Brett Tingley has stated that interest in hypersonic weapons and vehicles in the aerospace defense-industrial complex is growing. Even the Pentagon is ready to use any kind of supersonic technology.

Collision with China’s cruise missiles

By combining Advanced Direct Energy Technology with hypersonic vehicle design, researchers have planned a system to produce vehicles that are completely laser-covered. The hypersonic system could become an important part of the US military in the Indo-Pacific region where China currently has large cruise missiles.

All three forces are assembled

UAF and Lockheed Martin are working on the AGM-183A air-launched rapid response weapon which is a boost-glide hypersonic system. The wedge-shaped ARRW has been tested and is expected to be in operation by 2022. On the other hand, the Army and Navy have tested their own hypersonic delivery system common hypersonic glide body vehicle or C-HGB. (Symbolic picture)


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