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pentagon okays sale of spares for hercules: america played friend amid tension from china, will give 'gajan' to india's 'gajraj' - us pentagon okays sale of spares for india c130j super hercules fleet

The Pentagon has approved India’s request to purchase $ 900 million worth of equipment, parts and accessories for India’s fleet of C-130J Super Hercules cargo aircraft. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) in its notification to Congress said that the proposed sale would help strengthen the strategic partnership between the US and India, thereby strengthening US foreign policy and national security.

This will also strengthen the security position of a large defense partner, who remains an important force for political stability, peace and economic development in the Indo-Pacific and South Asia regions. According to the notification, the proposed sale ensures that the previously purchased aircraft can operate effectively to meet the needs of the Indian Air Force, Army and Navy transport, local and international humanitarian assistance and regional disaster relief.

It states that with the sale of components and services, the Indian Air Force will be able to maintain a fleet ready to be deployed in large missions. Notification under ‘Military Export Control Act’ is mandatory for this type of sale. MPs have 30 days to review the proposed sale. The sale will make Defense major Lockheed-Martin possible. India is one of the 17 countries to which the US has sold its C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. The Indian Air Force currently has a fleet of five C130 J-30 aircraft. India has ordered six more C-130 J-30 Super Hercules aircraft.


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