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pakistan news: Pakistani army scared of Nawaz Sharif?  Imran Khan bans speaking - nawaz sharif speech will not telecast in pakistan pemra ban

The phase of action has now begun against Nawaz Sharif, the attacker on the alliance of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pak Army in Pakistan. A few days ago, the Imran government sent a London warrant to arrest Nawaz Sharif. After this Nawaz’s younger brother and Leader of the Opposition, Shahbaz Sharif, was arrested in the money laundering case. Now at the behest of the Pakistani government, the electronic media watchdog has banned the transmission of Nawaz Sharif’s speech.

Most of Imran’s special people in Pamera
The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is the regulator of electronic media in Pakistan. Most of the members of the government are sitting among its members. As soon as Nawaz Sharif began to reveal the nexus between the Imran government and the Pakistani army from London, the administrative staff immediately swung into action and his speech was banned.

Order issued after taking the name of Nawaz Sharif
In his statement, clearly referring to Nawaz Sharif, Pemra said that Pemra has received complaints against several channels for airing the speech of a fugitive and declared criminal. Prohibition and re-broadcasting of speeches, interviews and public meetings of fugitives and declared criminals.

Nawaz Sharif lashes out at Pakistan army chief, tells MPs ‘rubber stamp’ of army

License revocation threat

The Monitoring Organization (PEMRA) has also warned of action if it fails to execute this order. The agency warned that if the licensees do not comply with these instructions, the authority will take action under sections 29 and 30 of the PEMRA ordinance which could result in fines and suspension of licenses or cancellation of licenses.

India helping Nawaz Sharif to weaken Pakistan’s army: Imran Khan

Why put a lock on Nawaz’s mouth?
There is a general perception about the Pakistani army that it is using the Imran government as a puppet. In such a situation, if the former Prime Minister of Pakistan confirms this from London, then the Government of Pakistan and the army are sure to have lechery. Therefore, Nawaz Sharif’s speech has been banned in a hurry to defend himself. At the same time, the speech of terrorists like Hafiz Saeed, banned from the United Nations, is openly broadcast in the Pakistani media.


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