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indian american in poverty: shock of Indians in America, nearly three lakh people living in poverty - indians dream in america shocks nearly three lakh indians living in poverty


  • A large number of people in India have a dream to settle in America, but it has suffered a major setback.
  • Nearly 6.5 percent of the 42 million Indian-Americans living in America are below the poverty line
  • Indian community is likely to increase more poverty due to Kovid-19 epidemic

A large number of people in India dream of settling in America and a large number of Indians visit America every year. However, now a startling revelation about America has been revealed. Nearly 6.5 percent of the 42 million Indian-Americans living in the US are living below the poverty line, and the community is expected to increase poverty due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

This fact has been revealed in a recent research. The results of research conducted by Devesh Kapoor and Jashn Bajwat of the Paul Nietz School of Advanced International Studies, based in John Hopkins, on the topic ‘Poverty in the Indian-American population’ were released on Thursday at the IndiaSpora Philanthropy Conference-2020. Kapoor said poverty is more among Bengali and Punjabi-speaking Indian Americans.

About 20 percent don’t even have US citizenship
Kapoor said that one-third of them are not part of the labor force, while about 20 percent do not even have US citizenship. MR Rangaswamy, founder of IndiaSpora said, “With this report, we want to draw attention to the condition of the most disadvantaged Indian Americans.” Rangaswamy said that given the impact Kovid-19 has on the health and economy, it is high time that awareness is raised about the poverty in our generally considered prosperous community and the issue is raised.

Rangaswamy said that we hope that this report will draw attention to the subject and take steps to bring positive changes. According to Kapoor, the study revealed a wide range of poverty status in the Indian American community. However, Indian Americans are less likely to face poverty than white, black, and Hispanic American communities.


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