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Donald Trump Quarantines With Wife Melania: After Top Advisor Hope Hicks Tests Corona Positive

President Donald Trump, who has been criticized for dealing with the corona virus epidemic in America, now has to be quarantined himself. Indeed, one of Trump’s top advisors has been found to be Corona positive. Trump has reported that he and First Lady Melania have become quarantined. The results of both tests are awaited.

Quarantine with First Lady
The President’s advisor Hope Hicks accompanied her to the first presidential debate in Air Force One in Cleveland. She then also attended an event in Minnesota. Trump tweeted, “Hope Hicks, who was working so hard without a break, has been found to be Corona positive.” It is very bad. The First Lady and I are awaiting the results of our test. Meanwhile, we have started the quarantine.

Used to apply mask, yet positive
Earlier, Trump told Fox News in an interview, ‘She turned out positive. He is hardworking. She wears a lot of masks but turned positive. ‘ At the same time, the White House issued a statement that the President takes the health and safety of himself and the people working in his support and the people of America very seriously.


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