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How did Donald Trump affect the US election

US President Donald Trump has been found positive for the corona virus. His wife Melania’s test has also come positive. Both are now quarantined. While the US President is in the grip of this deadly pandemic, it is a big event in itself, when the infection has occurred, it is even more important. In fact, a month from now the Presidential elections are going to be held in the US and in such a situation, the quarantine of the trump is going to affect the campaign from presidential to presidential debate.

Two debates still left
Presidential debates play an important role in America’s presidential election. These include Democratic and Republican Party candidates face to face. A moderator or public questions them on important issues of the country and they have to answer in due time. So far this year a debate has been held on 29 September. The two debates are due on 15 and 22 October.

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Due to Corona, it was previously thought that the debates would probably be virtual, but the debates in Cleveland with Chris Wallace were live. Now, with Trump being corona positive, his health will depend on whether he will be debated or not. However, White House Physician Scott Conley has said that the President will continue to perform his duties as before. In such a situation, it is possible that the debate cannot be postponed. If debited, it can also be seen whether it is virtual or not.

So how will publicity be done now?
With the start of the election campaign, concern was also raised about Biden along with Trump. President Trump himself is 74 years old and Biden is 77 years old. Concern was being raised about the age of both of them that the elderly leaders should not get coronated by the exit of the office and rallies for publicity.

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Biden always stressed the need to be careful about Corona, and wearing the mask herself, realizing the seriousness. He also criticized Trump for not wearing a mask. However, Trump had even said about his rallies that people want to listen to him and so far there has been no problem. Now with his positive test, there has been a doubt on the publicity. How he will be able to campaign in the remaining days after Trump’s health is recovering.

Trump will have to suffer in elections
As the corona epidemic spread to the world, Trump began accusing China and the World Health Organization (WHO) of hiding information about it. However, a few days ago, famous journalist Bob Woodward revealed in his book ‘Rage’ that Trump had already come to know about the severity of the epidemic and underperformed it. Subsequently, people began to question that even if Trump was doing this to save the country from an atmosphere of fear, he should not have so fiercely opposed rescue methods such as masks, social distancing and lockdowns.

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Trump denied wearing masks constantly and even joked. Even after his mentor Hope Hicks was found positive, he questioned the mask. One of the issues questioned in the first presidential debate was the corona epidemic. In this debate too, Trump trumps Biden and dismisses the mask’s claim of saving lives. He made fun of Biden for wearing masks everywhere. In such a situation, after being positive himself, it is possible that the questions raised about his seriousness will harm him in the election.

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