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pakistan hindu girl committed suicide: rapists blackmail a hindu girl in pakistan, gave her life - hindu girl blackmailed by rapists in pakistan committed suicide


  • The incidents of rape against Hindu girls in Pakistan are not taking a name
  • Not only this, criminals are fearlessly indulging in threatening the rape victim.
  • A Hindu teenager committed suicide at Tharparkar in Sindh province of Pakistan

In Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘Riyasat-e-Medina’, the incidents of rape against Hindu girls are not taking names and the criminals are fearlessly indulging in bullying. A 17-year-old Hindu teenager committed suicide in Tharparkar district of Sindh province of Pakistan. Family members say that the Hindu girl was raped a year ago and the criminals were blackmailing her.

Family members said that the teenager committed suicide by being upset over it. This incident of suicide is of Dalan-jo-Tara. Villagers removed the dead body of the girl from the well and her postmortem has been done. The girl’s father said, “The girl was gangraped by three men in July last year and the accused in the case are out on bail.”

The girl’s father told that the rapists were from influential family and they were blackmailing and torturing the girl. According to the report of Dawn News, the accused had made a video of demeanor with the girl and they were threatening to go viral. The SSP of the district said that the initial medical report confirmed the gang rape of the girl.

Police said the hearing was delayed due to the corona virus. Family lawyer Mohan Matharani said that now on October 15, a date has been set for filing evidence in the case. Even after the suicide of the girl, no new case has been registered against the accused yet. However, one of the three accused has been arrested. After this incident there is a lot of anger among the Hindu community in Sindh and they are demanding strict action against the culprits.


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