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Azerbaijan Armenia plunged into battle

Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan had increased on Sunday. The two are blaming each other for aggressive actions on the Line of Contact in Nagorno Karabakh. Meanwhile, Armenia’s Defense Ministry has claimed that Nagorno-Karabakh security forces have dropped a plane and a helicopter from Azerbaijan. Explosions, explosions and shootings continue as a nightmare for the people living in the affected area amid claims by the military.

Claim to drop helicopter

Armenia’s AirDefence dropped the plane and chopper south and southeast of the disputed area at Qarabakh. This information was given by Shushan Stapanyan, the press secretary of the Defense Ministry of Armenia, via Facebook. He claimed that the helicopter fell into the area under the control of the Karabakh military force. Earlier, the Karabakh Defense Ministry claimed on Facebook that Azerbaijan’s military helicopter has been dropped near Varajatumb in Iran. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense has rejected this claim.

Hundreds of soldiers injured

The Azerbaijan army announced on Wednesday that it had flown an Armenia S-300 missile system to Nagorno-Karabakh. He also claimed that about 2,700 soldiers have either been injured or lost their lives in this war. Earlier, the country’s Defense Ministry claimed that it completely destroyed the Armenian Regiment during the war. At the same time, Armenia has described this claim as fake. Pic: A house in Fujian district of Azerbaijan (Taufiq Babayev, AFP)

Rust from Sukhoi-F 16


On the other hand, the government of Armenia claimed that one of its Sukhoi-25 aircraft was shot down by Turkish F-16 aircraft. Both Turkey and Azerbaijan denied the charge, but now Armenia has released a picture of its accident-prone aircraft. Armenia has alleged that Azerbaijan is carrying out attacks using Turkish airforce’s F-16 aircraft and drones.

Hundreds of people trapped in war

Explain that Turkey has good relations with Azerbaijan, while Russia has good relations with Armenia. It is also believed that Russia has good relations with Azerbaijan. More than 100 people have died and hundreds have been injured in the ongoing war over Nagorno-Karabakh. On the other hand, as this war is intensifying, the risk of Russia and NATO countries jumping into Turkey is increasing.

Azerbaijan blows Israeli Killer drone from Armenia’s S-300

Azerbaijan blows Israeli Killer drone from Armenia’s S-300

Armenian missiles destroyed Azerbaijan tanks

Armenian missiles destroyed Azerbaijan tanks


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