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Chinese army's intentions clear in Ladakh under tension with India

China has made its stand clear for the first time amidst the border dispute with India from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. China has claimed that it considers Premier Zhou Enlai’s proposed Line of Actual Control (LAC) in 1959, while India has always rejected it. With this claim of China, now its intention to deploy its army and arms on the Ladakh border has also been proved. Indeed, old photos of the US Intelligence Agency (CIA) indicate China’s intentions.

Open intelligence source detresfa combines the latest deployment of PLA (People’s Liberation Army) on LAC with an old map of the CIA archive. In this, the position on the Aksai Chin of PLA is shown. This indicated China’s intention as to why the PLA has deployed the army further near the disputed area in Ladakh. Combining China’s current military deployment on the old CIA map shows that China is moving in the direction of the region it is referring to.

What does China say?
It is also important that due to the clear position of China, it is also being feared that China should not take aggressive measures like Ladakh in respect of other areas under it. Let us tell you that in 1993, after the war in 1962, the areas of Ladakh and Himachal where the forces of both the countries stopped, the areas were named as Line of Actual Control in 1993.

Why China chanting Ladakh 1959 definition of LAC? After all what would Jinping want

Most of these places lie within the Indian border for several kilometers. Whereas, the border with China in northeast India is divided by the McMahon line. China has always refused to accept this line.

India rejected the claim
India has rejected the Chinese claim regarding Line of Actual Control (LAC). A spokesman for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said in its statement that India never considered the 1959 unilaterally fixed LAC of China. After 1993, many such agreements were aimed at maintaining peace and status quo on the border till the final agreement.

China said – Union Territories do not give recognition to Ladakh; India gave a befitting reply

CIA Map Revealed

CIA Map Revealed


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