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Japan's military budget amid tension with China

After the defeat in the second world war, Japan had decided that it would use its weapons only in self-defense. However, in recent years Japanese leaders, especially former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, started taking steps to get the country out of this stance. Due to China’s aggressive stance, Japan also found a reason to do this. Now Japan’s military has asked for a record $ 52 billion budget. According to the Asia Times report, due to Japan’s changing attitude, America has also shown a strong partner in fighting against China and Russia.

Challenge being faced by China and North Korea
Japan’s military has prepared a $ 52 billion defense budget for the fiscal year beginning in April 2021. For 9 consecutive years, the army has continued to increase the defense budget. As the challenge from China and North Korea increases, the army has started this preparation. Japan is concerned with China’s vast military power as well as North Korea. Pyongyang has increased nuclear testing in recent years. Many missiles have also been tested by Korea and many of these deadly weapons have passed over Japan.

Freegate-submarine included in the budget
Japan has asked for this budget to buy two freegates and a submarine in the new budget. The country’s military is developing the next generation fighter jet. The special thing is that Japan has not included the US-developed Aegis Ashore missile interception system in this budget. Japan Self-Defense Force has decided to set up a new cyber unit with 540 personnel. At the same time, the space unit will have 70 personnel space.

Japan can protect its territory
The Asia Times report states that Japan can now protect its land and thousands of islands, respond to the challenge, monitor global maritime corridors. Russia has previously suffered at the hands of Germany’s military power. Both Russia and China have suffered heavy losses at the hands of Japan’s military ideology. Abe’s policy was to accelerate Japan’s economy and to create a powerful foreign policy. A major challenge is meeting China, which has upset Japan in the East China Sea.

Japan is increasing military power
Abe released a defense plan for 10 years in 2018 itself. One of the most discussed was the decision to convert Izumo helicopter carrier into aircraft carrier. With this, the country received its first such ship after the second world war. 5 years later, the country spent $ 240 billion on self-defense forces and the country’s defense budget continued to grow. Old fighter jets were replaced by new ones. This preparation was later a means of demonstrating more than Japan’s self-defense.

Indo-Japanese naval maneuvers in the Arabian Sea


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