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japan twitter killer: 'twitter killer' girl bites 9 people with 'consent', puts 240 pieces of corpse in fridge - japan twitter killer killed nine people with consent his lawyers say


  • A killer girl killed 9 people on social media in Japan
  • This killer girl, known as ‘Twitter killer’, was presented in court on Wednesday.
  • On the other hand, the lawyers of the accused have argued in the court that all the people were killed with consent

In Japan, a murderous girl lynched 9 people on social media. The killer girl, known as ‘Twitter killer’, was presented in court on Wednesday. On the other hand, the lawyers of the assassin Takahiro Shiraishi have argued in the court that the charges against the accused should be reduced because all the victims of the murder had accepted their murder.

The lawyer said that all 9 people had written about the suicide on social media. Shiraishi has also been accused of chopping up the bodies of all 9 people and keeping their pieces in the fridge. Shiraishi admitted during the hearing that he had killed all 9 people and that all the allegations against him were true. According to Japanese media, the accused has also been accused of rape.

Capital punishment if found guilty of murder
Shiraishi has been accused of using Twitter to contact all the victims. All those killed are between 15 and 26 years old. These people wrote posts about suicide online. The accused killer approached these people and told them that I can help the suicide or commit suicide with you.

If Shiraishi is found guilty of murder, he will face the death penalty. He will be hanged. On the other hand, Shiraishi’s lawyers argue that the charge against his client should be changed to ‘assassination with consent’. A person found guilty on this charge can face a jail term ranging from six months to 7 years. On the other hand, Shiraishi has said that he has a different opinion from his lawyers and will tell the court that I have committed the assassination without consent. He praised her, saying that she could not be apprehended before the final murder. Please tell that every year 20 thousand people commit suicide in Japan.


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