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Nepali Prime Minister's voice not changing on Lord Ram, Ayodhyapuri Dham in 40 acres


  • Nepali PM KP Sharma Oli, dancing at the behest of China, once again chanted Ayodhya
  • Nepali PM to build Ayodhyapuri Dham on 40 acres of land in Chitwan district
  • Earlier, Oli had described India’s Ayodhya as fake and the real Ayodhya in Nepal.

Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, who is dancing at the behest of Communist China, has once again chanted Ayodhya. Nepali PM, who claims India’s Ayodhya city is fake, is going to build Ayodhyapuri Dham on 40 acres of land in Chitwan district. Land has also been allocated for this. Earlier, Oli had described India’s Ayodhya as fake and claimed that the real Ayodhya is located in Madi in Chitwan district of Nepal.

Nepali PM Oli said on Wednesday that the Madi municipality has decided to allot 40 acres of land to build Ayodhyapuridham. Meanwhile, Madi Mayor Thakur Prasad Dhakal from Nepal National News Agency said that in the meeting held on September 29, it has been decided to build Ayodhyapuridham. Mayor said that we have 50 bighas of additional land, if we face any technical problem then we can use this land also.

Big claim of PM Oli, said- India made fake Ayodhya, real in Nepal

Master plan prepared for construction of Ayodhyapuri Dham
Dhakal informed that the master plan for the construction of Ayodhyapuri Dham has been prepared and a detailed report will be prepared soon. Please tell that Oli’s statement was strongly opposed in Nepal, not only in India. Despite this criticism, Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli does not appear to be backing down from his stand at the moment. Oli had recently decided to build a Ram temple in Madi stating the birthplace of Lord Rama. He has asked the local representatives to prepare a plan for this, while the officials believe that the real problems of the people there should be solved first, after that the Ram temple can be built.

Nepali PM Oli’s new uproar, said in gestures – India is plotting to remove me

It is believed that it has been decided to build Ayodhyapuri Dham on the instructions of Oli. It is being told that Oli had called Madi’s civic body officials a few days back. During the two-hour meeting, Oli told him that a Ram temple should be built in Nepal. Oli, meanwhile, asserted that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhyapuri, Nepal. He interacted with the local people and asked them to preserve the historical evidence there. Along with this, to collect more evidence, he also instructed to dig in Ayodhyapuri.

Did claim, fake Ayodhya in India
Let us tell you that last month Oli claimed that India has created fake Ayodhya for cultural encroachment. Whereas, the real Ayodhya is in Nepal. Oli argued that if Ayodhya of India is real then how can the prince come to Janakpur for marriage. He claimed that science and knowledge originated and developed in Nepal. His statement was heavily criticized not only in India but also in Nepal.


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