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ivanka trump daughter picture criticism: america election: evanka trump pictures of daughter on instagram, surrounded donald trump - ivanka trump shares photos of her daughter on instagram donald trump surrounded by criticism

Ivanka Trump has given a tribute to her eldest child Arabella after National Daughters Day. He has shared some beautiful pictures of his nine-year-old daughter. However, in the comment section, many people criticized his father Donald Trump’s low tax. Trump has been accused of under-taxing his business by showing a loss of crores of dollars.

Ivanka took pictures of her only daughter on Instagram on Sunday, two days after National Daughters Day (25 September). Putting several photos together, he captioned, ‘We celebrate National Daughters Day everyday. Dear Arabella, I love you very much. ‘ In the first photo, little Arabella is posing on the beach with a shovel in her hand. At another, she is sitting in a bungee harness on a picnic.

Ivanka has not put the photos in any particular order. They just put pictures of Arabella of any age to express their desire for their daughter. The next photo shows Arabella sitting on a large pumpkin when she was about four years old. There are also pictures of Arabella wearing purple sunglasses in a shallow pool, riding with her mother, standing next to an electric scooter, and holding her dog, Winter.

In the most recent photo, Ivanka is seen grabbing Arabella’s hand and touching her cheek on the White House lawn before leaving for President Trump’s rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last week. Many Instagram users have praised Ivanka’s fabulous tribute. But some also used the comment box to comment on Ivanka’s father and US President Trump, who has been accused of paying less tax. The New York Times cited tax-return data as showing that Trump paid just $ 750 in income tax in 2016 and 2017, showing a loss of millions of dollars from his business ventures.


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