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Pakistan targeted BJP-RSS on Ayodhya verdict, 'Hindutva is more important than justice'

The CBI court on Babri Masjid of Ayodhya acquitted 32 accused. Pakistan has responded to this. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement condemning the court’s decision and alleged that the court is giving importance to the ideology of Hindutva. Pakistan has also targeted the BJP government of India. Let me tell you that the court did not even accept the evidence of the CBI and gave its verdict on this dispute going on for 28 years.

Pakistan condemned
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry tweeted – Pakistan strongly condemns the acquittal of the perpetrators responsible for the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. This is an example of the flexible approach of the judiciary in the BJP / RSS regime, which values ​​the ideology of Hindutva more than the principles of justice and international rules. The inclusion of fundamentalist Hindutva ideology in all government institutions in India is a matter of concern.

‘Sudden incident’
Explain that all the 32 accused in the Babri demolition case have been acquitted by the CBI court of Lucknow. The court said that the demolition incident was not pre-planned and that it happened suddenly. After the verdict, the lawyers who came out after the court told that the court said that no accused is made out of the photo. The court said that no attempt was made by the accused persons to demolish the disputed structure by any means.

Court did not accept evidence
The court also said that it was not a pre-planned incident but a sudden one. The court said that the evidences are sufficient to acquit all the accused. The court also questioned the evidence of the CBI. The court stated that the SAP seal was not closed and cannot be relied upon.

All accused accused of demolishing disputed structure in Ayodhya acquitted, see UP top-5 news

The court acquitted all the accused

The court acquitted all the accused


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