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North Korea told the United Nations about nuclear weapons

North Korea has ‘effective and reliable’ nuclear weapons and will now focus on developing its economy. North Korea’s Ambassador to the United Nations Kim Song claimed this on Tuesday. He also said that international sanctions create obstacles in this direction. Addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations, Kim claimed that the situation was now under control against the epidemic in the country.

Kim Jong Un (file photo)

Kim Jong Un (file photo)

‘Focus on economic development’
Significantly, Korea has claimed that not a confirmed case has been found there. Kim said that after ensuring the safety of the country and its people, DPRK (formerly known as North Korea, Democratic Republic of Korea) is now focusing on economic development. He said that Korea needs favorable external conditions but the country cannot sell its respect for major changes.

Corona worsens
Kim has alleged that North Korea is being intimidated by military power. Therefore peace can be sustained only when there is strength to avoid war. Nuclear and ballistic missile programs had previously led to international sanctions against North Korea. At the same time, due to the Corona virus, other countries have closed their borders, which is also causing economic losses to Korea. The economy has also collapsed inside the country.

On top of this, the recent storms and floods have made the situation worse by creating havoc. In August, the United Nations Security Council was told that Korea is working on its nuclear program and is building nuclear devices that can be fitted into ballistic missiles.


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