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Armenia released sukhoi 25 photo: Armenia released picture of Sukhoi-25 fighter jet wreck, Azerbaijan overturned - Armenia released photo of sukhoi 25 fighter jet wreck Azerbaijan overturned by statement

The ongoing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region has brought a new twist. The government of Armenia claimed that one of its Sukhoi-25 aircraft was shot down by Turkish F-16 aircraft. Both Turkey and Azerbaijan denied the charge, but now Armenia has released a picture of its accident-prone aircraft.

Armenia has alleged that Azerbaijan is carrying out attacks using the Turkish air force’s F-16 aircraft and drones. He said that the Turkish Air Force is carrying out attacks from a distance and for this it is using long range air-to-ground weapons. Through this, they are not coming under Armenia’s air defense system.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan has claimed that two Armenia Sukhoi-25 aircraft have crashed in the mountains. Earlier, the Armenian Defense Ministry said in its statement that Turkey’s F-16 fighter jet in our airspace killed our Russian-made aircraft Sukhoi SU-25. Our pilot has died in this accident. At the same time, Turkey categorically denied Armenia’s charge.

More than 100 dead in Nagorno-Karabakh war

Turkish communications director Fahrtin Altun said that Armenia should withdraw from its occupied territories instead of resorting to such propaganda for cheap propaganda. Hikmat Hajiyev, assistant to the President of Azerbaijan, has also condemned these allegations of Armenia. He said in his tweet that Armenia alleges that his SU-25 was killed by the F-16. This is completely wrong. I would advise them to check their radar. Not a single SU-25 flew from the region of Armenia.

Explain that Turkey has good relations with Azerbaijan, while Russia has good relations with Armenia. It is also believed that Russia’s relations with Azerbaijan are good. In the ongoing war over Nagorno-Karabakh, more than 100 people have died and hundreds have been injured. On the other hand, as this war is intensifying, the threat of Russia and NATO countries jumping into Turkey is increasing. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense told the Interfax news agency on Monday that more than 550 Armenia soldiers have been killed in the fighting.


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