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French ambassador stranded without condom sex with woman, investigation begins


  • An ambassador of France is trapped bad by sex without condoms with a woman
  • The woman said that the ambassador did not wear condoms during this consensual relationship
  • Investigation begins in Paris against French ambassador after this ‘deception’ done to woman

An ambassador from France is trapped in bad sex without condoms with a woman. The woman claimed that during this consensual relationship, she did not know that the ambassador had not worn condoms. After this ‘deception’ done to the woman, the investigation has now started in Paris against the French ambassador. The woman said that she had met the ambassador through a dating website.

A source associated with this investigation told the Daily Mail, ‘Both the ambassador and the woman were found several times without having sex. That night both of them had sex with mutual consent. The French magazine Le Point has confirmed this news. The magazine said, “The woman asked the ambassador to wear condoms while having sex but they did not wear it.”

Forced sex rape
The woman filed a complaint three days later. The source has not revealed the identity of the ambassador. Le Point magazine only stated that the French Ambassador is stationed in a country in West Asia. According to French law, forced sex is considered rape. However, there is no law on what to punish for not using condoms even after the partner’s request.

Explain that if you do not use condoms, there is a risk of HIV or other diseases. Not only this, there is also the risk of a woman getting pregnant. In January 2017, a Swiss court sentenced him to 12 months in prison for expelling condoms while making a relationship. The Swiss court considered it a rape.


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