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donald trump india coronavirus death: US Presidential Debate: Donald trump surrounds India, China, Russia on coronavirus deaths, said-not correct figures

In the first official presidential debate held just before the presidential election in the US, US President Donald Trump accused India of causing deaths from the Corona virus. On raising the question of his rival Joe Biden, he said that you do not know how many people have died in India, China and Russia. India, China and Russia have not given the exact number of dead.

Trump attacked his opponent, saying that if Biden had been president, at least two million people would have been killed in America. At the same time, Biden also hit back on the trump. He said that Trump arranged and waited. Trump still has no plans. There is no fund that can save people’s lives. During the debate, Trump alleged that India, China and Russia did not give the exact figure of deaths from Corona.

Trump you worst president ever: Biden
On this reply to Trump, Biden said that he was the same person who was claiming that the Corona virus would be destroyed by Easter. On the question of not wearing a mask, Trump said that I wear a mask when I feel the need. I don’t wear a mask like Biden. Whenever you see him, he stays in the mask. He will continue to speak from 200 meters away but will be wearing a mask.

Trump told Biden that you did not want us to close our doors to China in view of Corona because you thought it was terrible. Biden said that a large number of people were killed by the corona virus and if smart and fast steps were not taken, more people would die. Joe Biden attacked Trump, saying that you were the worst president ever.


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