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Science News News: Air leaked from International Space Station, is astronaut's life in danger?  - international space station air leak found in russian segment, will iss crew members in danger

Air leaks have occurred in the Russian part of the International Space Station. After which that part has been closed for repair. Currently, one American and two Russian astronauts are present at this station. The US space agency NASA has issued a statement saying that there is no threat to astronauts. This part has been closed for repair with immediate effect.

Main working station separated
NASA said late Monday night flight controllers told the crew of Expedition 63 that air was leaking from the International Space Station. He was immediately asked to take effective steps as the hole was getting larger over time. Ground analysts immediately separated the area from the main work area. NASA also said that an investigation is being done as to why the leak began.

Air was leaking for many days
NASA said that the leak started several days ago, but then there was no danger from it. In view of the existing leakages, it can be said that there is no threat to the astronauts present in the space station. The leak occurred in the working module of Zvezda.

Crews were asked to collect data
NASA astronaut and station commander Chris Cassidy, Russian astronauts Anatoly and Evaneshin Ivan Wagner have also been asked to collect data from the leaked space. Crews have used an ultrasonic leak detector to collect data.

Russia in repair
The leakage was investigated a few days earlier in American, European and Japanese modules located in the American segment of this space station. At the same time Russia has said that by repairing in a few days we will open that part for re-use.


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