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Asian countries News: Taiwan's declaration against China, said - will fight for the protection of the country till the last breath - taiwan vowed fight against China, defense chief yen de-fa says last man to defend sovereignty and democracy of country

Taiwan has also started preparations for the war in view of the increasing threats from China. Two days earlier, the Taiwanese army had made its plans clear by drilling live fire under China’s nose. Now Taiwan’s Defense Minister has also announced that the last soldier of his country will also fight till the last breath for the unity and integrity of the country. He also said that at present it does not seem that China is preparing for a big war against us.

No information about preparation for China’s war
Taiwan’s Defense Minister Yen De-Fa told parliament that Chinese Communists continued to act provocatively against Taiwan. He also said that there is no indication yet that he plans to launch a large-scale war against Taiwan. The Taiwanese parliament has also condemned China’s maneuvers.

Will fight against China till his last breath
He told parliament that Taiwan’s forces are also continuing their preparations for war. Our army has strengthened its vigilance and preparedness. He also vowed to fight the war till the last man to protect the sovereignty and democracy of the island. Only last week, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry stated in unambiguous terms that it is free to retaliate if there is any attack on its soldiers.

Taiwan has the most missiles by area
According to the report of South China Morning Post, Taiwan has so many missiles which is the highest worldwide by area. However, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has not released the total number of these missiles till date. According to Taipei’s China Times newspaper, Taiwan has a total of more than 6000 missiles.

Taiwan’s live fire drill under China’s nose, dragon silently watching

A stockpile of American and Taiwanese missiles
These weapons include Taiwanese indigenous missiles in addition to US-made missiles. Including air-to-air, air-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles. The missile that Taiwan possesses is such a weapon that the Chinese military fears and has not been able to execute the attack plan till date. Because, from the President of China to the General of the Chinese Army, he has been continuously threatening to attack Taiwan.

Chinese media threatening Taiwan war
China’s official media has been showing its weapons several times a day threatening Taiwan’s war. China’s state-run Global Times has threatened that China will wage war if US forces return to Taiwan. Global Times editor Hu Shijin threatened the US and Taiwan, saying the China anti-segregation law is a tiger with teeth.

Global Times threatens, US forces return to Taiwan, China will wage war

China sent fighter aircraft 40 times near Taiwan’s border
In the past, China has sent its fighters near the border of Taiwan about 40 times. In response, Taiwan has also stepped up its preparations to give a befitting reply to China’s attack. The Taiwanese President has reviewed the Army’s preparations and the Taiwanese Air Force has vigorously practiced the attack on the dragon.

China deliberately fires tension in East Asia ‘
China is sending fighter jets and bomber aircraft against Taiwan from many directions. This has increased the tension in the entire South China Sea. On this action of the Chinese, the President of Taiwan said that China is deliberately engaged in provoking tension in East Asia. Tsei Ing Wen said, ‘Not only is Taiwan Strait but we are looking at the situation in this entire area. China’s recent military action is clearly a threat on the strength of strength. This is part of his verbal and military intimidation. ‘


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