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Rest of Europe News: Animals will no longer be seen in France in nomad circus and marine parks, government banned - france to ban wild animals in circuses within next few years

France’s environment minister has announced a gradual ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. Also, a ban on keeping dolphins and whales in marine parks has also been announced. France’s Minister for Ecological Change Barbara Pompili said on Tuesday that the use of bears, tigers, lions, elephants and other wild animals would not be allowed in circulations to be carried from place to place in the coming years.

Government said – the welfare of animals is our priority
He said that the three Marine Parks of France could neither bring dolphins and whales nor breed them. He said that it is time to start a new period of our relationship with wild animals. He said that the welfare of animals is a priority.

No full ban deadline
Pompili said that measures would be taken to eliminate mink farming in the next five years as well. This animal is reared for its fur. The minister said that these restrictions will not apply to zoos etc. Pompili did not give any deadline to ban animals in circuses.

Also announced an economic package
The French government has also announced a package of 8 million euros for the staff of the nomadic circus and marine parks. This will provide financial strength to the immediate job loss workers. More than 20 European countries have already restricted or restricted the presentation of animals. He said that we will now make sanctuary for wild animals.


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