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Donald Trump And Joe Biden Debate Kab Hai?  When is the US presidential election debate 2020?  The first presidential debate between Trump-Biden on Wednesday morning, 6 issues will be discussed

Political enthusiasts are now intensifying regarding the US presidential election. The first official presidential debate between President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden will take place at 9 a.m. Tuesday, American time. Whereas, according to Indian time, this debate will start at 6.30 minutes on Wednesday morning. There will be three such arguments between Trump and Biden before the three November election in the US. The second debate is to be held on 15 October and the third on 22 October.

Know who will operate them
Reportedly, the first presidential debate will be moderated by noted Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Steve Scully of C-SPAN Networks will conduct the second debate to be held in Miami (Florida) on October 15 and Kristen Welker of NBC News on October 20 in Nashville (Tennessee). At the same time, the Vice Presidential Debate will be held on October 7 at Utah University in Salt Lake City. Which will be operated by USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page.

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Presidential Debate will be online
All four presidential debates due to corona virus will be made online this year. However, no information has been given about whether the audience will be present during this time. Let us tell you that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CBD) conducts all the four presidential debates. All these debates will be of 90 minutes. It is being told that Trump and Biden will not wear masks during this time.

Trump’s big announcement before presidential election, said – America will stay away from foreign wars

Biden leads in approval rating
There is only one month left for the US presidential election. During this time, the approval rating is being seen. Donald Trump is seen trailing in it. His opponent and candidate from Democratic Party Joe Biden is leading 10 points. Biden continues to lead the Corona virus epidemic and healthcare issues. However, Trump is ahead in taking tough measures against China.


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