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Asian countries News: Saudi, Pak, Russia ... China is on trial of corona vaccine in these countries despite side effects - China covid-19 vaccine latest updates chinese coronavirus vaccine clinical trials starts in more countries

China has decided to increase the trial rate amid questions arising about the safety and effectiveness of the corona virus vaccine. China was still conducting the third phase of its vaccine trials in Pakistan and UAE. Now more than a dozen countries have been added to this list. A few days ago China allowed emergency use of its vaccine. During this time many people had reported complaints like headache, dizziness and vomiting.

Chinese vaccine trials being conducted in these countries
As the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post reported, China is now trialing its vaccine on thousands of people, including Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Russia. Has been doing. China is trying to remove the stains of spreading corona by giving vaccines to more and more people around the world.

Trial being told to acquire vaccine
In some of these countries, the final phase of the Chinese vaccine clinical trial has been approved. In these countries, it is being seen as a means of getting the vaccine soon. Many rich countries have already purchased vaccines, which are yet to be approved.

China’s famous writer told the experience
Noted Chinese writer and columnist Kan Chai did nothing on the first dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine approved for emergency use in the country, but became dizzy after the second dose. Chai said in a webinar earlier this month that I suddenly felt dizzy while I was driving. It felt like driving drunk. I stopped the car after looking at a place, got some rest and then I felt better.

China’s corona virus vaccine not safe, people sick during emergency use

Thousands of people filed complaints
Like Chai in China, thousands of people have been given a dose of the Chinese vaccine before getting final regulatory approval for common use. Questions related to the code of conduct and security are arising. Earlier, Chinese companies had come into the limelight for giving vaccine supplements for examination to their top officials and researchers before the human trials.

Chinese researchers trust 99%, their Coronavirus Vaccine will be effective

China can re-examine the vaccine
A Chinese health official said on Friday that China would have to take steps to prevent the epidemic from coming back. An external expert has questioned the need for emergency use of the vaccine at a time when the virus infection is no longer spreading in the country. It is believed that China will resume its vaccine safety investigation.


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