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South China Sea Tension: Donald Trump Can Do Missile Attack On China Islands


  • Amidst the ongoing tension with Taiwan in the South China Sea, China has started to fear the US attack.
  • The editor of Global Times has claimed that Trump can launch a missile attack to win the election again.
  • He said that the Chinese Army would strongly back the PLA and give a befitting reply to those who started the war.

Amidst the ongoing tensions with Taiwan in the South China Sea, China is beginning to fear a US missile attack. Hu Shijin, the editor of China’s state-run Global Times, has claimed that US President Donald Trump may launch a drone missile on China’s islands in the South China Sea for his re-election victory. He threatened that the Chinese army would give a befitting reply.

Hu Shijin tweeted, “Based on the information received, I believe the Trump government may risk a missile attack from the MQ-9 Reaper drone on China’s islands in the South China Sea for a repeat electoral victory.” If this happens, the Chinese Army PLA will surely take a strong counterattack and give a befitting reply to those who have started the war.

Quad countries to meet in Japan, China to develop ‘Asian NATO’ framework

‘US army will return to Taiwan, China will wage war’
Tensions in Taiwan and China are increasing. Earlier, Global Times had threatened that China would wage war if the US forces returned to Taiwan. Global Times editor Hu Shijin threatened the US and Taiwan, saying the China anti-segregation law is a tiger with teeth. Actually, the editor of Global Times was angry at the suggestion of sending the US Army to Taiwan in an American journal.

Hu Shijin tweeted and wrote, ‘I definitely want to warn people in the US and Taiwan who have this type of thinking. Once they decide to return to the US military in Taiwan, the Chinese military will surely launch a judicial war to protect its territorial integrity. China’s anti-segregation law is a tiger with teeth. ‘

‘Agreement between China and America to be broken’

The Global Times quoted analysts as saying that the military military has been suggested to be dispatched in this way, amid foreign maneuvers in Taiwan and the widespread maneuvers in Taiwan Strait against Taiwan’s pro-secession people. If the US sends troops, it will break the agreement between China and America. This insane suggestion is not good for the people of Taiwan, and if it is true, the PLA will take vigorous military action and unify Taiwan on the strength.

Earlier, it was suggested in the US military magazine that the balance of regional power in East Asia is moving away from the US and Taiwan to China. In such a situation, if the US is committed to protecting Taiwan then it will have to consider deployment of army in Taiwan. This article warns that given the current balance of power, China fears a sudden attack. Under the Taiwan Relation Act of 1979, the US is legally bound to help Taiwan.


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