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Asian countries News: China will make inroads in Tibet with religion, Panchen Lama will play 'card' against Dalai Lama - China official panchen lama take a bigger role in tibet

Even after 70 years of occupying Tibet, China’s hold has not been as strong as the Chinese Communist Party wants. For this reason the Jinping administration is now preparing to play the religion card in Tibet. Tibet has the highest number of followers of Buddhism, while the Communist government of China does not believe in any religion. Therefore, China is now preparing to resort to the Panchen Lama to make its inroads among the people here.

Who is the Panchen Lama
In Tibetan Buddhism, Panchen Lama is considered the second most important person after the Dalai Lama. His position is also based on the belief of rebirth like the Dalai Lama. Panchen Lama, the second most important person in Tibetan Buddhism, was killed in 1989 under suspicious circumstances. Some people believe that the Chinese government poisoned him. After which he was expected to have another incarnation soon.

Dalai Lama recognized the new Panchen Lama
The Dalai Lama announced to recognize the new Panchen Lama on 14 May 1995. He declared the six-year-old Gezhun Choekyi Nyima an avatar of the Panchen Lama. He was the son of a doctor and nurse from the city of Nakshu in Tibet. After which China vanished the entire family of the then Gezhun Choekyi Nyima.

China declared its Panchen Lama
After the disappearance of the family of the Panchen Lama, the Chinese government asked its influential Buddhists to identify the Panchen Lama who followed at the behest of China. After which China declared Gyinchen Norbu as the official Panchen Lama. Now experts are suggesting that the China-backed Panchen Lama can play a big role in the rule of the Communist Party in the region.

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Panchen Lama joins Chinese Communist Party
10 years ago, China appointed its Panchen Lama as the top advisory body of the standing committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Since then, there was speculation that he would try to become the leader of Tibet following in the footsteps of China. The Chinese government has since tried to make Ginchen Norbu the official face of Tibetan Buddhism.

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China wants to succeed the Dalai Lama
China wants Ginchen Norbu to replace the Dalai Lama later. The Dalai Lama is now 85 years old. However, it is also being said that the Chinese Panchen Lama has no political influence. In recent times China has advocated abandoning religion and adopting stringent laws to establish its dominance in Tibet. In such a situation, China can seek the help of Panchen Lama for religious people.


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