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Asian countries News: India handed over the Dornier aircraft to Maldives, we will keep an eye on China's move in the Indian Ocean - India gives dornier to maldives, will help monitor of Chinese vessels in Indian ocean

India on Tuesday handed over the first consignment of Dornier aircraft to the neighboring country Maldives. These aircraft will be flown by pilots of Maldives National Defense Force with the help of India. This will enable India and India to keep a close watch on China’s growing activities in the Indian Ocean. Explain that a government-to-government deal was signed between India and Maldives in 2016 regarding these aircraft.

India will bear the cost of flying the planes
According to sources, the aircraft will be operated under the command and control of MNDF, while the cost of its flight will be borne by the Government of India. Confirming the delivery of these aircraft, the Indian Embassy in Maldives has said that apart from humanitarian relief operations, special economic zones of India and Maldives will also be monitored.

India is training soldiers from Maldives
The Indian Navy is already training seven personnel of the Maldives National Defense Force, including pilots, air observers and engineers, to operate Dornier. It is being told that India and Maldives will simultaneously monitor the movements of Chinese ships and submarines trying to infiltrate into the Indian Ocean. This will not only monitor but illegal fishing and drug smuggling can also be monitored.

Anti piracy and terrorism will be helpful in the operation itself
According to a source associated with the deal, Maldives will also carry out anti-piracy missions and counter-terrorism operations with the help of these ships. The Maldives consists of several small islands. In such a situation, all its areas can be easily monitored through Dornier aircraft.

Maldives, China’s new victim in debt trap, asked to pay installments between Corona

Maldives is strategically important
Maldives, spread over 90 thousand square kilometers in the Arabian Sea, is a strategically important country for India. The Indian island of Minicoy, which is closest to the Maldives watershed, is just 100 kilometers away. Which is about 400 kilometers from Kavaratti, the capital of Lakshadweep. Let us tell you that the distance of this island of Maldives from the southern point of Kerala is only 600 kilometers.

China encircling India through sea, can build naval base 600 km away

Maldives important in China’s Belt and Road Initiative
Hanes Christenson, director of the nuclear information project of Sipri (SIPRI), an international organization tracking arms procurement, tweeted that the Maldives’ Feydhoo finolhu island was leased to China in 2016 by the then Chinese government for $ 4 million . Now China is trying to surround India as its belt and road initiative on the lines of South China Sea.

Tension from India, after Bangladesh, Imran Khan is now putting a shadow on Maldives

China implicates Maldives in debt trap
Troubled by India’s growing global credibility, China has trapped many countries in the Indian Ocean in its debt trap. China is strengthening its hold in these countries through global trade and its infrastructure plan. In this episode, Maldives spread over 90 thousand square kilometers became his favorite victim. However, since the change of power in 2018, the new government of Maldives has not entered into any major agreement with China.


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