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Asian countries News: China again refused to recognize Ladakh, what does Jinping want?  - China refuses to recognize Indian union territory of ladakh, know what is 1959 line on perception of lac

China has once again refused to recognize the Union Territory of India, Ladakh. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that India has illegally established the Union Territory of Ladakh. He did not stop at this, he further said that our position on the Line of Actual Control between India and China is very clear. We consider the limit stated on 7 November 1959 to be LAC. Find out why China repeatedly refuses to follow the McMahon line, referring to the year 1959.

What is Line of Actual Control (LAC)
After the 1962 war with China, the areas of Ladakh and Himachal where the armies of the two countries had been halted were renamed the Line of Actual Control in 1993. Most of these places lie within the Indian border for several kilometers. Whereas, the border with China in northeast India is divided by the McMahon line. China has always refused to accept this line.

1959 Chinese Premier’s Letter to Nehru
When sporadic clashes between India and China began in 1959, the Chinese Premier who is called President in China was Zhou En Lai. He wrote a letter to the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru on 24 October 1959, stating that no Chinese government has ever considered the McMahon Line as legitimate. There has never been any official boundary between China and India. The Government of India claims a boundary in the western region similar to the Johnson Line of 1865, while the PRC Government considers a boundary similar to the McCartney – Macdonald line of 1899.

India illegally formed Ladakh Union Territory, we do not recognize: China

The letter of 7 November 1959 wrote the outline of the war
Jhau En Lai then wrote another letter to Pandit Nehru on 7 November 1959. In which he said that he had demanded the withdrawal of the Indian Army 20–20 km from the border. However, Nehru turned down this demand from China. He said that the Chinese army has already arrived several kilometers inside our area. In such a situation, how can we retreat to our own area, while the Chinese army will remain present in our own area despite retreating. It is said that after this, China started preparing for war.

Starvation like 1962 in China this year too
This is not the first time that China is stepping up a border dispute with India to divert attention from starvation. Even in 1962, when China had a terrible famine, the Chinese supreme leader Maotse Tung waged a war of equals with India. At that time, thousands of people died of hunger in China. The Great Leap Forward Movement also went against the then Chinese rule. Exactly at this time, a diplomat called the Wolf Warrior of China and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is doing this.

Jinping hiding the food crisis by ‘war’
The food crisis in China is intensifying due to the corona virus. According to the Global Times, Chinese President Xi Jinping has re-launched the 2013 Clean Your Plate campaign to increase food security. Western media also believes that the Chinese administration is hiding the food crisis created in the country under the guise of this scheme.

Locust, Flood, Corona … China’s condition battered
China is currently reeling from the largest locust attack of the decade. Due to which the standing crops in the southern part of the country have suffered heavy losses. To control them, the Chinese army is also campaigning. Secondly, thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed in China due to severe floods. The region where the maximum crop grows in China has also been affected by floods.


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