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Chinese teacher poison children: 25 innocent children poisoned in China, female teacher hanged - Chinese teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 children in revenge

A kindergarten teacher has been hanged in China. He was found guilty of poisoning 25 children of a nursery school. One of these children was killed. Teacher Wang Yoon is arrested from Jiaozu area of ​​Henan province. It is being told that after eating morning porridge, these children fell ill and had to be taken to hospital.

Local officials said that the female teacher had an argument with one of her companions. To avenge this, he added sodium nitrate to the children’s breakfast. The incident took place on March 27 last year. The local Giaju court said that the female teacher poisoned the children after a dispute over the management of the students.

It is being told that sodium nitrate is used to keep food safe, but if given in excess, it can prove fatal. At that time, after breakfast, 23 children complained of vomiting and fainting. Later investigations revealed that the female teacher had poisoned 25 children. After this incident, where people were stunned in China, it made headlines all over the world.

A child who fell ill after eating poison died after battling for life and death for about 10 months. Wang also finds her husband guilty of adding sodium nitrate to her cup. Her husband also became ill after this incident. The court said Wang deserved the death penalty for this most serious crime.


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